PORTFOLIO strategy

Asset Strategy 

Our team helps you with all areas and stages of property ownership, from hotel acquisition to development to disposition. The LHM team has the experience and knowledge necessary to act as an intermediary with the brand, guiding you through financial decisions, and helping you keep your property up to date and within standards. Your property is your greatest monetary asset, and we align your financial goals with that core belief.

Acquisitions & Projects

Our team has cultivated strong brand and vendor relationships and combines this with our experienced Project Management team to assist in planning, due diligence, contract negotiations, and logistics support to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Financial Strategy

Our Finance team is ready to work with you on every facet of ownership such as business model analysis, restructuring for revenue growth and profitability, due diligence support, new property and franchise acquisition support, mortgage financing/refinancing, business financial health analysis, and corporate strategy. We also handle monthly bookkeeping and end-of-year tax planning.

Exit Strategy

Hotel exit strategy planning is a crucial part of your property ownership, starting when you first consider purchasing one. Our team will walk you through all the considerations needed for a successful hotel exit strategy; PIPs, hold periods, market timing, personal and business tax consequences, asset transfers to your estate, and financing are all key components of your plan. These factors are too important to leave to chance and that is why LHM works with you on your exit strategy from day one.