Who we are

Company Background

Luminous Hotel Management was founded on the singular belief that teamwork drives success. Our founding partners realized that operations run smoother with the right team in place. 

LHM believes that innovation is driven by team members who trust in themselves and each other. This atmosphere is conducive for businesses to grow and succeed. These core values are at the center of our daily operations, strategic planning, sales, and marketing. And by compiling talent in each area of hotel property management, LHM has created a successful, focused, and driven team.

We take our belief in teamwork and combine it with our core values and apply it to all facets of hotel management; operations, strategic planning, sales + marketing, and revenue management. Our expert team represents all areas of the hospitality industry. LHM’s professionals are industry leaders who excel at revenue management, property management, operations, and sales. By combining our collective 55 years of experience and our leadership in our respective areas, LHM is poised to help your property grow and succeed. 


Philosophy & Principles

At its core, LHM works on the belief that teamwork drives success. This principle is at the heart of everything we do. When you work with us, we will be part of your team and show you how to strengthen that bond with your own team.

LHM believes that no one person or role is above another. This belief allows us to have a solid and cohesive team that works together, discusses strategy, shares ideas, and shares the rewards.

 These core beliefs have allowed us drive success for the properties we manage; driving more effective work flows, enhancing communication and community interaction, and driving greater financial success. When you work with us, you can expect that we will help you implement this same philosophy on your property and with your team so that you, too, will be successful.